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Nutritional iron deficiency supplement

Food supplement PROFER is an iron-protein proteinate (metallozate). This is complex compound of iron with proteins, similar of hemoglobin in the blood, where iron is similarly related to proteins of blood. In this way the iron is offers in a form closest to this in the blood. This implies fast and complete (up to 95%) assimilation of iron and its inclusion in the hematopoietic organs.

Instructions for use

one by one tablet daily with food to obtain the daily need for iron; at need dose may be increased up to 2-3 tablets daily.


proslov easy tab VA64 /kollidon/.


до 3 years from the date of manufacture

Net weight

10 tablets 300 mg.

PROFER is applied as food supplement to increase intake of optimally digestible iron in the diet. This iron-protein complex increases the transit path of iron in gastrointestinal tract and prevents adverse side effects in direct intake of iron salts (nausea, disorder). Included in the tablet (capsule) dose of iron-protein metallosate contains 300 mg. From the complex, which corresponds to 15-18 mg. iron in a single dose corresponding to the daily need for iron is healthy, adult individual.


dairy protein, iron - 15-18 mg., related as iron metallosate (proteinate).


The Balkans Bulgar Barter AD, Sofia, zh.k. Dianabad, bl. 5-8, tel: 02 / 962-15-18, 0878 534 282


At temperature +5 to +25 degrees Celsius in a dry place.

Creator of PROFER

Prof. DMN Pencho Dalev

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What do our patients say?

Profer helped me overcome the chronic insanity that was part of my daily routine caused by my anemia - beta thalassemia minor
Ivayla Damyanova Programmer
The supplement is really effective in combating the symptoms of beta thalassemia - minor. For years I have been looking for effective solutions to the problem. So far, this is the best solution I've found. It really helps me!
Vesela Stoilova Photographer
I recommend Profer to my patients. It really helps!
Ivaylo Petrov General practitioner